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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The bear hunt begins

There is obviously a back story that needs to be told at some point, but before I fall off the end of my thread on mumsnet I have decided to bite the bullet and commit to keeping a blog. I've been a forum fiend for a long time - years in fact - and have always found a world of wisdom, support, love and compassion waiting for me, no matter what problem I've been prompted to share. Beginning a blog is symbolic for me of striking out on my own, something I'm going to have to get pretty good at, and soon! Mostly because 2012 has thrown me a major curve ball, in the shape of my husbands ongoing affair.

Soon-to-be-ex-husband (STBXH) left me, our fabulous DS1 (little sprout) and DS2 (baby bean) back in January, when I rumbled his relationship with the OW. Now I'm living with my parents while finding my feet and getting on with the business of baking my baby bean, who is due early July. Little sprout and I are doing ok, in no small part thanks to the tremendous support we've been given along the way.

So for today, me and my boys are going on a bear hunt. We can't get over it, we can't go around it, we're just going to have to get through it. This blog is my journey to fabulous single-mumdom. I'm going to be building a family that is different, but no less special than the one I thought I'd have. I appreciate any (and all) hand-holding, advice giving and cheerleading that comes our way. I hope all the other lovely single parents who have been on this journey before us will be able to show us how to stomp, splash and squelch our way through it in style.